The Many Applications of Commercial Digital Signage & Displays

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Whether it is for a sports bar showing March Madness tournament games, a World Cup match or one of the many Olympic sports, having the right system as well as multiple displays can increase patronage to a bar or restaurant. Choosing the right system in scale and price is going to be important. There are plenty of things that need to be considered when one of these systems are being purchased.

The Number of Digital Display Screens

The first thing to consider are the amount of screens that will be needed. A business may only be able to afford a few Sports Bar Screens to start with. Considering how expensive a system with a large amount of screens can be, it’s quite common for businesses to go with a small number of screens initially. However, these systems allow for more screens to be added when more are able to be purchase. This can turn a rather modest system into something quite vast in a short period of time.

Screen Sizes for Optimal Viewing

In addition, the size of the screens can vary as well. In some places, an extremely large screen may be needed, but for other applications, a standard size screen will work nicely. Having a system that can easily accommodate various screen sizes can make for optimal viewing whether it’s in a large space or a small corner of a restaurant.

Integration of Audio and Video Signals

It’s also important to understand the need for Commercial Audio Video Integration. This is often the case when one sporting event is being shown. Many times, when multiple games or multiple sports are being shown, the system typically mutes the volume and offers close caption titles. This is often necessary when considering how many games a sports bar or restaurant might be playing at a given time. With the volume piping in from 10 or more college football games on top of the customer noise, it could make for a very hectic and uninviting environment. However, for a special event like the Final Four tournament or the Super Bowl, the right integration system will be needed to provide both video and audio for a sports event being broadcast on the display screens.

Signage Screen Use

The other thing to remember is that a TV screen in these display systems can be used for more than just displaying sporting events. Many drinking and eating establishments often use these screens for Digital Signage & Displays. Some places use these as informative menus. Other times they are used to display existing promotions. In fact, display screens can be used for both displaying advertising as well as for sports broadcasts if an establishment so chooses.

Whether you are looking for an inventive way to display Restaurant Menus or you’re looking to show sporting events in your restaurant or your bar area, the right system will need to be put into place. It may have to start out small at first so that it can fit with a limited budget, but these systems can be poised to be expanded for the future. So, if you want to provide a sports related theme to your bar or eating establishment, or if you want to broadcast the big game, CCS Presentation Systems & VisionWorx ProAV have the right display system to meet any of these needs plus so much more.

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